Friday, March 12, 2010

WATCH Whit's very special guest

Missed Anthony's gig as Whitney's Special Guest? Thanks to the kindness of others, and the magic of youtube you can now enjoy some of the perfomances that the critics lauded 'impressive' 'unbelievable' and 'out of this world'!

Monday, March 8, 2010

In Harmony

New friends singers Whitney Houston and Anthony Callea catch up

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Whit Bits...

Snippets and comments on Anthony's tour with Whitney...


comments found on various online Newpaper sites -

Please note that although I refused to post the harshest comments, and have edited the worst from the ones below the majority that follow are not complimentary to Ms Houston. Read no further if this will upset or offend.

...the support Anthony Callea delivered the goods. The Prayer was amazing.
Posted by: Kat

.. support act ' Anthony Callea was absolutely brilliant .. happy i got something for my ticket !
Posted by: Melliemm of BRISBANE

Thank heavens for Anthony Callea and the Prayer.

Posted by: Warren of Beenleigh

...her support act Anthony Callea showed her up by singing brilliantly in comparison.

It just wasn't good enough - not even close.

Posted by: Carly 10:34am

Anthony Callea was great - joked with audience and nailed EVERY song.
Posted by: Disappointed Fan

Anthony Callea 10 / Whitney Houston Nil

Posted by: Anthony Frangi of Brisbane

We made the trip down from Rockhampton with much excitement expecting to hear the best and we did but it was from The Support Act. Thankyou Anthony Callea for making the night for us.",23836,26761741-5012980,00.html

Clearly Whitney is past her prime but I still enjoyed her concert. Beautiful weather and a relaxing atmosphere helped to make it an enjoyable night. Anthony Callea was very good in support, great voice.
Posted by Carla, 28/02/2010 5:01:35 PM

..... PS: Anthony Callea was fantastic!
Posted by Penelope, 28/02/2010 8:04:35 PM

....Still had a great night though with the girls. Anyway, food was great, venue is magic, weather was magic, Mark Vincent and Anthony Callea played previous to Whitney, they were awsome.

Posted by Kim, 1/03/2010 10:24:50 AM

... Anthony Callea was amazing though, the highlight of the evening for sure.
Posted by Sarah, 1/03/2010 2:03:37 PM

Donna Perry Posted at 9:30 AM Today
I thought the Whitney Show was great "you go girl" , Anthony Callea was fantastic, thank you an enjoyable night, Whitney still has the energy and the WOW factor that we all remember, her voice has changed a little but then haven't we all. And I would also like to applaude the audience for showing her the respect she deserves as one of the greatest Divas

Disappointed of Melbourne Posted at 9:50 AM Today
....On the other hand, Anthony Callea was amazing and I will pay to see him again!

Chrystal Campbell Posted at 10:56 AM Today
Couldn't agree more with this ewview...well, with the last line that is. Callea was superb, FANTASTIC voice and a confident and engagig performer Pehaps if Whitney hadn't been so truly amazing in her heyday I might not have expected so much of her, but it's heartbreaking for a fan of her voice to hear what her life choices has left her with vocally.

Diamonds Posted at 11:12 AM Today
...Whitney I have been a fan for many years & I willed & hoped you could do it. I wish you well. I appreciate & respect artist such as Anthony Callea who really stole the show even more.

Regina Gilbert of Ballarat Posted at 11:55 AM Today
...All I can say was Anthony Callea was very good.

Gary of Taylors Lakes Posted at 12:31 PM Today
...she was clearlly out shined by anthony callea...

Paul Williams of St Kilda Posted at 12:39 PM Today
I had such a amazing time. One of the most entertaining shows I have even seen. Such support from the crowd electrified the atmosphere. Whitney is a true superstar. Not perfect, but who is. Spent $195 on a ticket got to see Anthony Callea for about 45 mins on top of Whitney performance. Great value I think. Whitney - " I will always love you" X

23 Feb 2010 8:35 AM
... High praises for her supporting band, singers and dancers...great job. Anthony Callea's performance was strong, entertaining and enjoyable.

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