Thursday, November 27, 2008

Come Back Boq!!

Anthony as The Tin Man in 'Wicked'

In a lovely endorsement of Anthony Callea's contribution to the show, Wicked producer John Frost, speaking publicly for the first time since Anthony announced his plans to leave the hit musical said:

"We would like to see Anthony come back and join the show again at some point in the next few years – he’d certainly be welcome."

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Anthony Callea - Technophile

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It's Enough To Make Anyone Green With Envy!

Anthony Callea and Kate Law reunited backstage.

Kate Law loves nothing more than to sing. So the Vision Australia client was very excited when she found out that she was going to see the Broadway musical Wicked in Melbourne with mum and dad.

Kate's trip from her Geelong home to one of the most popular productions in Melbourne became a day to remember when she was also given the opportunity to be reunited with Vision Australia's 2007 Carols by Candlelight Carols Ambassador and Aria Award winner, Anthony Callea.

Kate, along with her brothers Jacob and Nicholas, spent a lot of time with Anthony Callea in the lead up to last year's Vision Australia's Carols by Candlelight, but they have not seen each other since Christmas Eve.
So Kate was understandably excited when Anthony took time out of his busy schedule to say hi and pose for a few photos backstage before the show.
Kate was also among a number of Vision Australia clients who took advantage of the audio description service for this show.
Clients were also given the opportunity to take part in a tactile tour of the costumes and stage.
"I was lucky to spend so much time with Anthony last year so it was very nice to meet him again. I really liked Anthony's character in the show too - he made me laugh," she said.
Due to popular demand Vision Australia will provide another audio description of Wicked on Saturday 10 January at 2pm at the Regent Theatre, Melbourne.
For more information or to book tickets please contact EASE Ticketing, on 03 9699 8497 or email
source - Vision Australia Website

Monday, November 24, 2008

Callea's One Night Stand

Partners, off and on stage

Callea’s one night stand
Nick Bond Posted: Wednesday,
19 November 2008

Anthony Callea will be taking a night off from performing (as a munchkin, no less) in the mammoth musical Wicked next month to put on a one-night-only show at The Palms At Crown.

To the delight of many, Callea’s support act for the show will be his partner, Tim Campbell.

It’s the most public showing yet for a relationship that began almost a year ago. Do the pair have a master plan to become Australia’s own Sonny and Cher?

“Definitely not — we’re not that cheesy,” Callea told Southern Star.

“Tim’s a great performer, and I thought, he’s going to be there anyway — why not have him get up and do a set as well?”“

Now I’m actually a bit nervous. He’s been in rehearsals, but he won’t let me see what he’s working on. I know he’s got a full band and four dancers, and I’m a little bit scared that his show is going to be better than mine. He’s one of those triple threats — he can sing, dance and act,” said Callea, with a healthy mix of admiration and jealousy.

Fans might even be treated to a duet.

“Possibly. We’re bashing out a few songs on the piano at home, but at this stage that’s as far as it’s gotten. We just want the night to have a great vibe about it — sometimes when you over-rehearse, it doesn’t come off as natural as you want it to.”

While the couple’s steps into the spotlight were at first tentative — they walked the red carpet separately at this year’s Logies — they are now regularly seen together at events and openings. Callea doesn’t see their relationship as an issue.

“I don’t see us as being any different to any other couple. Of course we’re going to go to events together — we are together. We’re comfortable with who we are, and it sometimes takes a while to get to that point. I’m not going to worry about what people think about my relationship, because it’s really nobody else’s business.”

Perhaps not, but as one of Australia’s only high-profile gay couples, Callea and Campbell are in a position to be role models for young Australians coming to terms with their own sexuality.

“Yeah, hopefully we are. We get letters from teenagers and even adults who are going through that emotional rollercoaster of realising their sexuality, saying ‘thanks so much for doing what you’re doing.’ It’s nice to know that some good is coming out of us being open about ourselves.”

With all this talk about Callea’s main squeeze, and as a card-carrying member of the Ginger Appreciation Society, I had to ask: how does it feel to be shacked up with one of Australia’s spunkiest rangas?

“I’d never even heard the word — somebody said it to me, and I was like ‘what’s a ranga’?” he laughed. “The funny thing is, my mum is fair-skinned with freckles and red hair. When my mum and Tim stand together, they actually look like brother and sister.“

But ranga appreciation? He doesn’t really have full-on red hair, it’s actually light brown, so I don’t think he’s a true ranga.”

Anthony, you’ve got yourself one fine piece o’ ginge. Own it.“OK … go the redheads! Nothin’ wrong with it…”

source - Sydney Star Observer

He's Gone A Long Way

Werribee's most famous son.

By Allyson Fonseca
25th November 2008

WERRIBEE crooner Anthony Callea has come a long way since his waitering days at Watton St’s Raffael’s Cafe.

Callea, 25, rose to prominence as a runner-up in the 2004 season of Australian Idol.

The song now synonymous with his name, The Prayer, remains the fastest and highest selling Australian single, four times going platinum and selling more than 280,000 copies.

“I still love seeing the reaction from the crowd when I get out and sing The Prayer,” Mr Callea said.

“It’s like they’re all on the edge of their seats, going, ‘Is he going to make that note?’”

But Callea has not turned his back on his old stamping ground.

“Growing up in Werribee was great,” said Callea, who was educated at Corpus Christi primary school and MacKillop College.

“My uncle used to have a law firm there, so as kids we’d spend time hanging out in Watton St. Every Sunday after church, my mum would go to Bruno’s Deli to get fresh meat.
People always go, ‘Oh you lived in Werribee; that’s so far away’ – but it’s so not.
I’ve got family and friends still in the area, so I’m always there, popping in and out."

“Sometimes I get bizarre looks from people. Unfortunately, it’s always the days when you look like crap that you get recognised.”

Up until January, Callea continues to play Boq in the musical Wicked, except on Saturday 6 December when he will perform live at Melbourne’s Crown Casino.

Callea’s partner and stage/screen entertainer, Tim Campbell, will also appear on stage for a special guest performance.

In 2007, Callea was inadvertently outed in a Sydney radio gossip segment by an announcer and acquaintance who thought the singer's sexuality was common knowledge.

But Callea was unfazed by the subsequent controversy.

“My sexuality is obviously part of who I am – but it’s not just who I am,” he said.

“At the end of the day, it doesn’t change what I do. I am happy and comfortable with myself and what I do. I think that’s the most important thing.”

Attended by a film producer, Callea spent last week in New York, seeking inspiration for the new album on which he intends to focus in the first half of 2009.

“I’d like to put myself into the shoes of my own fans: what do they want to see?” he said

“It’s all well and good just getting out there and singing and performing, but I want them to see what goes on behind the scenes in putting a project together.”

Callea said his number one passion was “getting out there singing a great song”.

“Growing up, I loved John Farnham. These days there are some amazing artists out there – look at artists like Christina Aguilera and Pink.

“They’re not just singers, they’re actual performers and entertainers, who know exactly who they are and what they are doing. Every artist aspires to be like them. I’ve already got my tickets to Pink. That’s how much of a fan I am.”

Callea’s advice to aspiring singers:

“If you love something and want to pursue it, don’t let anyone tell you anything different.“Take it seriously, but if you’re not happy any more, and it becomes a chore, then you’re doing it for the wrong reasons,” he said.

“I think it’s really important to be versatile and not just pigeonhole yourself to one thing.”

Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Wicked Bond

Kate's mate Anthony

Blind Geelong girl Kate Law has been re-united with former Australian Idol singer Anthony Callea as a special backstage guest at the musical Wicked.

Kate, 8, and her mother Jayne have both been vision-impaired since birth.

They first met Callea at Vision Australia's Carols by Candlelight where he was an ambassador last year.

Kate who loves drawing and singing, soon fell in love with the singer and they formed a strong bond.

Last Saturday, Callea invited Kate and Jayne to the backstage of his current hit show Wicked. Callea and Kate spent their reunion by chatting and taking a photo.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Honey Smooth Voice Of The 'Bee

Anthony Callea at Werribee Mansion


ARIA winner Anthony Callea is proud to say he is a Werribee boy through and through.
After shooting to fame as runner-up in the 2004 series of Australian Idol, Callea still lives in Wyndham and has fond memories of growing up here.

The 25 year old, soon to fly to New York to start work on his third album, recalls living with his parents in Yalonga Avenue, off Duncans Road, and then in another house near the Princes Highway.

He spent his primary school years at Corpus Christi before attending McKillop College.
Callea says he has heard all the jokes about Werribee's smell and no longer bats an eyelid.

"To be honest, people can take the piss out of Werribee as much as they want, but for me it was a great place to grow up," he said.
"It was a great place and I don't have any regrets about my upbringing in Werribee, I loved it."

Since Idol, Callea has released two albums and holds the record for both the biggest and fastest-selling single in Australia for his debut release, The Prayer.

Callea was five when he turned to his mother and told her he wanted to be a singer.

"Mum used to drive me to Richmond once or twice a week for singing lessons," he recalled.
"At that age I didn't know what I wanted to do, but I just enjoyed it and loved doing it and thankfully it led to something I could actually make a career out of."

To expose his talent, he would take part in school holiday singing competitions at Werribee Plaza.

"No matter how cool you think you are, everyone has been a dag at least once in their life."

His first accolade came when he won the Wyndham Young Achiever award: "I think I was in year 8 or 9. I remember going to the cultural centre and getting my little trophy and medallion."
Things have certainly changed since then.

He auditioned for the second series of Australian Idol.

"I just thought I'd be stupid not to give it a go.
"It was a tough three months, but I'm glad I did it as obviously I wouldn't be doing what I am doing now."

The gamble paid off.

Callea has accumulated many awards, including an ARIA, Channel V Artist of the Year award and MTV Viewers' Choice award and has sung for dignitaries including the late Luciano Pavarotti, the Queen and Prince Frederik and Princess Mary of Denmark.

He has also taken his talents to the theatre, starring in the musical Wicked.

Callea's next project will see him team up with partner and former Home and Away star Tim Campbell for a performance at Crown casino in Melbourne on December 6.

Tickets from or on 1300795012.

article sourced from The Werribee Banner

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Anthony to end his run in Wicked

Anthony Callea is set to return to his 'day job' with the singer deciding not to renew his inital 6 month contract with the hit stage musical 'Wicked' in order to concentrate on his recording career.

He is meeting with producers in the US this month to discuss the new album, with the whole process being filmed.

His portrayal of the character Boq has received high praise from both audiences and critics alike:

"Callea is a fun and engaging Boq, and his scenes with Penny McNamee (Nessarose) are wonderfully entertaining - a duo well and truly connected."
- AussieTheatre

"Anthony Callea's munchkin outsider is brimful of pathos and energy."
- The Australian

"Anthony Callea is strong as munchkin Boq."
- Sunday Herald

"Anthony Callea makes a commendable transition to musical theatre."
- Herald Sun

"Anthony Callea and Rob Mills, who copped a lot of attention for their casting as Boq and Fiyero, were truly grand."
- Troy Dodds - Aussie Theatre

"No-one in the cast can be faulted. Australian Idol alumni Rob Mills and Anthony Callea work a treat."
- Geelong Advertiser

"Anthony Callea is winning as the munchkin Boq."
- The Sunday Telegraph

"Anthony Callea is gentle and winsome as the Munchkin Boq, who finally takes a stand after being walked over by his fellow students."
- Australian Stage Online

"Perhaps the biggest surprise comes from two former Australian Idolers Rob Mills, as male lead Fiyero, and Anthony Callea as a perfectly cast munchkin. Both hold their own with strong vocals - Callea particularly has a voice that seems perfect for musical theatre."
- New Zealand Herald

"Rob Mills as the lover boy Fiyero and Scarecrow puts on a well measured performance as does Anthony Callea as Boq and the Tin Man."
- New Zealand Business Review

"Anthony Callea is too cute for words as Boq the munchkin."
- B News

"The Australian cast is superlative - Apart from the stellar performances of Harrison and Durack, there is a very strong supporting cast of uniform excellence - Anthony Callea exploits both voice and stature as the passionate Munchkin Boq."
- Blaze

"his performance is extremely well projected and note perfect."
- Gen Q

"Some of the best moments come from former Australian Idol contestant Anthony Callea."

"As the munchkin Boq in Wicked, Callea is impressive."
- Andrew Murpett - The Age

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Anthony Confirmed For Carols By Candlelight

Anthony rings in Christmas Eve

Vision Australia have confirmed the performers for the 2008 Carols By Candlelight, and Anthony is back for his fifth appearance at Carols.
He will be joined by other multi timers David Campbell, Hi-5, Marina Prior, Ian Stenlake and Dennis Walter.
Also appearing will be the entire cast of the mega smash hit musical Wicked , including Callea and new Wizard Bert Newton.
Making their Carol debut will be Georgie Parker and Tim Campbell, while Today hosts Karl Stefanovic and Lisa Wilkinson will host the night.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Celebrity Couple Enjoy Oaks Day

A well suited pair
Anthony Callea and partner Tim Campbell enjoyed a whirl around the Myer tent, before they head to New York, where Callea will record his third album.

Romance To Share Stage

Support act - in every way.


ANTHONY Callea started the year making headlines by revealing he was dating fellow performer Tim Campbell. Now they're finishing the year by performing together on stage. Campbell will open for Callea at the Palms at Crown on December 6.

"I don't know what Tim's doing, he's keeping it a secret from me," Callea tells The Back Room. "Apparently there might be dancers. He had a rehearsal and about 20,000 people were there. I'm starting to worry now. I think his show is going to be better than mine! He's a really strong performer. I figured if I was doing a show he's going to be there anyway, so he may as well get up and sing.''

The pair are also planning a duet.
"We've just got a piano at home, so if we can come up with something better than Chopsticks we might throw that in.''

It's been a busy year for Callea, performing in Wicked eight times a week. He'll take a night off from the hit musical for the Palms show, which he wants to be "not overly rehearsed''.

Callea says moving into theatre has taught him new discipline.
"Keeping it fresh is the main challenge, doing exactly the same thing eight times a week. For a pop singer, every night can be different. You can interact with the audience if someone yells out. In Wicked you have to keep a straight face."

Callea takes a break from Wicked for a trip to New York this month to meet the producers of his third album, which may contain songs from popular musicals.

"I'm not sure what direction it will take yet,'' Callea says. "I'm lucky I haven't had to rush an album out just for the sake of it. I'm going over there with an open mind, I'm open to whatever comes my way."He'll also take the opportunity to see the Broadway production of Wicked."I've never seen the show. I'd never actually heard of Wicked when they asked me to be part of it, so hopefully I can scam some tickets!''

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Long And Short Act

Anthony and Buddy Franklin mugging for the camera

Possibly the tallest and the shortest men in the Birdcage shared a joke over their heights in the Lavazza marquee.
Hawthorn footballer Buddy Franklin posed with Idol singer Anthony Callea, with the pair hamming it up for the cameras, and causing plenty of giggles among onlookers.

Anthony Attends Melbourne Cup


Tuesday and a day off from the smash hit musical Wicked, saw Anthony attending this years Melbourne cup, enjoying, with fellow cast member Rob Mills, the antics of US Rapper Snoopdog in the Lavazza marquee.