Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Romance To Share Stage

Support act - in every way.


ANTHONY Callea started the year making headlines by revealing he was dating fellow performer Tim Campbell. Now they're finishing the year by performing together on stage. Campbell will open for Callea at the Palms at Crown on December 6.

"I don't know what Tim's doing, he's keeping it a secret from me," Callea tells The Back Room. "Apparently there might be dancers. He had a rehearsal and about 20,000 people were there. I'm starting to worry now. I think his show is going to be better than mine! He's a really strong performer. I figured if I was doing a show he's going to be there anyway, so he may as well get up and sing.''

The pair are also planning a duet.
"We've just got a piano at home, so if we can come up with something better than Chopsticks we might throw that in.''

It's been a busy year for Callea, performing in Wicked eight times a week. He'll take a night off from the hit musical for the Palms show, which he wants to be "not overly rehearsed''.

Callea says moving into theatre has taught him new discipline.
"Keeping it fresh is the main challenge, doing exactly the same thing eight times a week. For a pop singer, every night can be different. You can interact with the audience if someone yells out. In Wicked you have to keep a straight face."

Callea takes a break from Wicked for a trip to New York this month to meet the producers of his third album, which may contain songs from popular musicals.

"I'm not sure what direction it will take yet,'' Callea says. "I'm lucky I haven't had to rush an album out just for the sake of it. I'm going over there with an open mind, I'm open to whatever comes my way."He'll also take the opportunity to see the Broadway production of Wicked."I've never seen the show. I'd never actually heard of Wicked when they asked me to be part of it, so hopefully I can scam some tickets!''

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