Thursday, February 28, 2013

Coming out a 'bizarre concept' says Callea

'Coming out' as gay a 'bizarre concept' for Callea

Singer Anthony Callea believes gay people should not be expected to "come out", saying the whole process is based on peer pressure.

"The whole 'coming out' thing, I find it a really bizarre concept," Callea said. "If you're a heterosexual, do you need to come and say that you're straight?

"Someone's sexuality is a part of who they are; it doesn't define who they are," he said.

Callea, who is gay and in a serious relationship with actor Tim Campbell, said he's not interested in activism.

"I have a great relationship, I live in normal house, I have a dog, I live a normal lifestyle, it's just part of who I am – it's not who I am," he said. "My friends and family don't treat us like that either. I think if you make something an issue, then it becomes an issue [in] society.

"The amount of people who come up to me and Tim and say 'just seeing you and Tim being really normal and living in a home together and not making an issue out of it, it's a really positive thing'," Callea said.

Callea confirmed he was gay to a Melbourne newspaper in 2007, three years after he was the runner-up on a smash-hit season of Australian Idol. His sexuality was revealed by a Sydney radio announcer, who "outed" Callea in a gossip segment.

The singer said he has not embraced the idea of being a role model because of his sexuality.

"I'll say one thing, in terms of the whole role model thing, I just do my own thing. I do what I do and if that has a positive effect on someone, that is a beautiful thing. I'm not out to make a statement or make a political statement about anything," he said.

When asked whether some people within the gay community put pressure on others to announce their sexuality, Callea acknowledged it does take place. But he said, "I just don't give in to peer pressure.

"If you go through life trying to please everyone, you're not going to please everyone, just please yourself," he said. "And celebrate who you are as a whole, not just part of who you are."

■ Anthony Callea has just signed a new record deal with ABC Music. His new album, 30, is due out in late April.