Sunday, September 6, 2009

At work on album 3

Big voiced Australian singer Anthony Callea is off to Sydney again this week on another songwriting excursion.

Reports from various sources indicate that the last trip produced some very exciting tunes with international songwriters and producers extremely impressed with the singers voice and song writing ability.

Anthony has collaborated with various people while working on album 3, including Brian Mc Fadden, Stuart Crichton (Kylie Minogue) Robert Connelly (Darren Hayes) and award winning songwriter Barbara Griffin, who, when talking about Callea stated 'you know you're working with a great singer when they throw down a rough demo of a brand new song and it already sounds like a record.'


mairanya said...

s for the summary. I love the various comments that have been reported by people he's working with. It's about time the whole of Australia worked out what the musicians already say.

Anonymous said...

I'm really looking forward to his next album. His first two were fantastic and can't wait to see what direction he is going with this one. He's working with some great writers.

Thanks for posting the update.


hephzib said...

Thanks. I came looking for some detailed news of another album. I'm apprehensive about the constant 'electro/dance' (correct words?) mentions I've seen. I was hoping for brilliant singing accompanied by real instruments. I want to hear his voice accompanied, not drowned in sound. But perhaps I'm just not his target audience.

nonnapat said...

I am excited and really looking forward to Anthony releasing his new album.I get very excited whenever I hear he is writing and recording for his new album. I have loved Anthony's voice and been a fan since I first heard him sing on Idol in 2004. Since then he has continued to get better and better. I absolutley LOVED his first two albums so I know the new album will be a much antisipated masterpiece.