Saturday, November 7, 2009

Champion Deal

Anthony Callea has signed with 'Super Manager' David Champion, who envisages a very successful partnership between the two.

As mentioned in the article above, Callea will record some 'Dance/Pop Anthems' for his third album, to be released next year, but fear not all you 'ballad' lovers, Anthony posted on his official forum that there will be some ballads in the mix as well.


charles said...

Hope this new sound isn't too new when so many love what he has already been doing. If only the overseas options could be explored properly - his music is so expensive to import and the second album isn't available on US i-tunes.

dewy said...

Thanks for posting the article. I wish him a very fruitful partnership with his new management and look forward to what 2010' brings.
I too hope his music becomes available for his overseas fans on iTunes and in the stores.