Monday, April 5, 2010

A.C Ace At Acer

New clips of Anthony's brilliant run as Special Guest Artist for Whitney Houston's Australian Concerts have surfaced. These somgs, from the Acer Arena Show, include a complete recording of his new song "I'll Be The One"...Enjoy!


nonnapat said...

Thank You Anthony for singing your beautiful new song " I'll be the One " at the Whitney Houston concert. It is so beautiful and powerful and you sing it with such passion. It gave me goosebumps and bought tears to my eyes at its beauty and your heavenly amazing voice singing it.

mairanya said...

I love 'I'll Be the One'. I love the courage it takes to sing such an intense song with minimal accompaniment in a big stadium primed for a Whitney Houston concert. Very few people could pull that off. I'm really looking forward to hearing it live with an audience that isn't talking.

salso said...

Simply amazing. Even though I must have seen every freakin' video of Anthony on the WWW, this guy never fails to amaze me with his appearance, performance and, of course, voice. Way to go Anthony and may your star shine even brighter than the stage spotlights.