Monday, August 30, 2010

New Web and Forum information

Some important, and exciting news for Anthony Callea fans. It's time to change those bookmarked 'Favourites' with all new internet addresses!

Anthony is dropping the .au from his current website adresses and is going global.

Gone is - shortened simply to while the forums also lose their 'au' and will soon be found at

These sites will be made live as soon as is possible, for now traffic to the new webpage is being redirected to his Bandit Homepage (those quick enough may catch a tantalising glimpse of the new site proclaiming it to be the homepage of "Anthony Callea - Aria Award winning singer, actor and performer"...sounds good!!

Bookmark these new addresses and get set for Anthony Callea's next "New Chapter."


Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much!

I was wondering where everything was and had nowhere to go to find out - I'll look forward to seeing the new sites.

nonnapat said...

Thank You very much for letting us know. I'm really looking forward to the new website and new music from Anthony comming soon. I have been going to Callea University and Anthony Callea News in the meantime for my news.

Kym said...

Oh thanks! I was getting worried when I couldn't find anything!