Friday, March 1, 2013

Callea clears up ''tabloid headline''

Anthony Callea has taken to twitter and his official forum ACOF to air his thoughts on a recent interview he gave to a journalist which was meant to focus on his signing with the ABC label and the release of new music, but was trivialised by the journalist into a tabloid grabbing headline .

Read his response below....

PLEASE READ - Disappointing that "journalist" Christine Sams has trivialised important GLBTI issues regarding coming out from an exclusive interview we gave her about my new album release and signing with ABC Music. What I thought was a great 20min interview today, has now turned into an amateur gossip piece. For a very short amount of time she brought up the topic of "gay issues", which I was reluctant to speak about, and now my hesitation has been substantiated. As much as I stand by most of what I said, the headline "'Coming Out' as gay a 'bizarre concept' says Callea" is cheap and tabloid like and the article was never meant to be about these important issues. It's a shame, especially over Mardi Gras weekend that Christine and her editor have decided to take this angle, perhaps to grab their own cheap headlines, but I refuse to be a pawn in their game and I know readers are smarter than this. I would caution any artist in ever giving over to this so called journalist.
So, to do Christine's job for her, I'm excited that my new Album "Thirty" is being released through my new record company ABC Music, distributed by Universal Music on 26th April. More detail on the album to come...

Exciting times ahead ACOF!

Lots of love

 You can read the original post and respond by following *THIS LINK*  to Anthony Callea Official Forum

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