Thursday, May 2, 2013

Callea's Prayer Is Answered

Callea's Prayer Is Answered

Suzanne Carbone
The Age
May 2, 2013


Anthony Callea will have the audience in the palm of his hand during his Thirty concert.

Buying a ticket to see Anthony Callea in concert is like the gift-with-purchase scenario. You not only get his richly timbred voice and wicked laugh but the special guest is his partner, actor and entertainer Tim Campbell.

The baby-faced Australian Idol runner-up from 2004 is all grown up at 30 and has called his third album Thirty to mark his coming of age.

Bursting with effervescence like a glass of chinotto drunk by his Italian compatriots, Callea is pinching himself that he's performing at his favourite showroom, the Palms at Crown, on July 13, with Campbell as his support act. ''To do what we do and integrate it with work, it's a beautiful thing,'' Callea said. He loves the Palms so much that he'll be there on June 8 with friend Ann Peacock to see 1980s bombshell Taylor Dayne.

Blissfully in love with Campbell, his real-life House Husband, and sharing a cosy house equipped with a TV room, Callea entered the gay-marriage debate by saying the duo weren't ready to set a date but believed in the concept as a human-rights issue. ''In a country that you would like to think is progressive and educated, it's a shame that in 2013 it hasn't been legalised. The issue is about equality and having the choice to marry.''

After his tour, Callea will get into Grease mode to play Rydell High School spunk Johnny Casino and is super-excited that he'll be on stage again with Bert Newton as dance-show host Vince Fontaine. In Wicked, Newton, the wizard, and Callea, the munchkin, shared a dressing room with much hilarity. ''Bert is so cheeky. I love him to death.''
Grease has electrified Callea for two reasons: he'll be cavorting with Moonface in several scenes and he has graduated from a munchkin to a heart-throb.
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