Friday, January 14, 2011

Anthony Rallies For Flood Support

With three quarters of the state of Queensland ravaged by food waters, and with rains now causing flooding in varying degrees in every other state, fundraisng efforts are now underway to help those who have lost so much begin the task of rebuilding their lives.

Always one to help where he can, Anthony Callea will be performing this Sunday at Tennis Australia's  Rally For Relief , to be held at Melbourne Park in conjunction with the Australian Open.

His message to his supporters on his official forum, confirming the news is as follows.
Hi gang

As we all know the floods across Australia have been devastating and everyone is trying to do what they can to help out.

You may have heard that this Sunday, Rally for Relief will be held at Melbourne Park featuring many of the tennis players about to play in the Australian Open.

This has all come about quite quickly but I wanted to let you know first that I too will be involved on the day performing outside at Garden Square at 1pm.

If you would like to join in on the day and help those affected in the floods please head to the link below to buy tickets.
Hopefully see some of you there!


If you cannot get to the event and would like to help in some way,  click on the link below.

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Howard said...

An amazingly good heart, I only wish I were close enough to attend. Actually, I'd love to attend any AC show! But I do hope to get to see something on YouTube at some point, to appease my self-pitying soul...