Monday, January 17, 2011

A Gift From Anthony

Yesterday's Fundraiser for Flood Relief was a  great success, with an estimated $2 Million raised .

Recognising that short notice made attendance impossible for many fans, Anthony Callea has generously recorded and uploaded a snippet of the day for
everyone to enjoy.


nonnapat said...

What an absolutely beautiful video. Thank You Anthony for this lovely gift and for posting it for the many people who couldn't attend the very worthy Rally that you put your hand up for to give of your time and amazing talent to help the flood victims. Thank you also Anthony Callea news for posting it here.

nonnapat said...

Gosh I LOVE comming here to listen to Anthony's beautiful " Gift from Anthony " clip. I would have so much loved to be there especially to see and hear his exquisite version of the three new songs. Thank You once again Anthony and Anthony Callea News Blog. xo