Saturday, October 15, 2011

Inside Story - Anthony Callea

Singer Anthony Callea on how to make the perfect roast chicken plus why his jelly-bean machine runs low every few days.

Who -Award-winning singer and songwriter. Anthony’s latest single, Oh Oh Oh Oh, is now available for download from iTunes

Born - Melbourne, 1982

Lives - In Melbourne with partner (actor/singer) Tim Campbell, dog Oscar and two fish.

Typical Saturday morning - A sleep-in, walking to the local cafe, ordering coffee and breakfast, and reading the papers.

Your idea of luxury at home - A few really nice bottles of wine, the kind you would normally only have if you went to a restaurant.

Signature dish - I’m not the best cook. Still, I do make a nice roast chicken, along with my signature peas. It’s my mum’s recipe, but I’ve added a few things to it.

1. Award - I won this ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) award for The Prayer (the highest-selling single in Australia in 2005). As a kid I always watched the ARIAs and thought it would be great to go. That was all I wanted. So it was very cool to actually walk away with one. It’s very heavy. I know because I dropped it on my foot once. I’ve won a few awards and it’s great to get these things as an acknowledgement of what I do – but the ARIA is the pinnacle of all of them.

2. Jelly-bean machine - A friend brought this for me from Italy. It’s quite large and it’s a really nice one. Whenever I fill it up, it only lasts about two days and then I’m left with a jar of black jelly beans, because I hate black jelly beans. And I’m on edge from all the sugar.

3. Yoyo - I love a good yoyo and I found this Coca-Cola one in a vintage store. I like to think I am pretty good with the yoyo but sometimes I hit myself in the face with it, especially when trying to do the ‘around the world’ trick. There was a stage at school when it was a really big craze. I was totally obsessed. Even now, I take it to gigs with me and when I have time to waste backstage, I play with my yoyo.

4. Piano - When I bought this piano, I intended to write songs and learn to play it really well. Really, though, it’s just great for massive alcohol-induced sing-a-long nights. They usually start about 11pm and we go through all the classics. Our poor neighbours! My mum sent me to piano lessons growing up but I was really slack and never practised. I just wanted to sing. Do I play any other instruments? Well, I can hit a good tambourine .

5. Dog - We think Oscar is a labrador-cross-kelpie. We had just moved into our new home and went shopping for furniture and lamps one day and instead came home with a dog. We had decided to stop at the RSPCA on our way home, just for fun, and we ended up playing with Oscar for an hour. We just had to bring him home after that. He is the most beautiful dog. He was found at five weeks of age with barbed wire around him and his tail chopped off. And yet he’s a placid and fun dog. Tim is really good with him; he’s like Cesar Millan, the dog whisperer.

source -Herald Home Magazine Liftout

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