Sunday, March 4, 2012

Callea the first to go

Callea confesses he's the first one to hit the town

ANTHONY Callea is the last to go, sort of. His new single - out today on iTunes - is titled Last To Go and is "a bit cheeky".

"It's about going out and being the last one to go and (thinking) I'm going to have a great night here. You're not looking for love, you're looking for a bit of fun," he tells Confidential.

But Anthony has a confession to make.

"You know what, I'm usually the first one to go because I'm a nanna!" he says, laughing.

"It's one of those tracks, I can't say I'm that person entirely because my partner (performer Tim Campbell) might get angry with me!"

On the Last To Go EP is also I Don't Care What You Say (written with Paul Mac and Cindy Ryan) and also features the cheeky first single, Oh Oh Oh Oh.

Anthony embarks on a tour to Melbourne, Sydney then LA, with Adelaide in mind.

"Hopefully when I get back from LA, we can hook up some gigs in Adelaide," he says.


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