Saturday, March 3, 2012

Don't be The Last To Go...

Rejoice Callea fans, the wait is over!

Anthony's new single and  seven track  EP, both titled 'Last To Go' are now up on iTunes!
Dance tracks, ballads and acoustic versions - this EP should appeal to all his fans!

Tracks Listing as follows:

Last to Go
Oh Oh Oh Oh
Last Night
I Don't Care What You Say
Last to Go (Acoustic)
Oh Oh Oh Oh (Acoustic)

Don't be The Last To Go over to Itunes and purchase Anthony's new releases.


Anonymous said...

Thanks - as always am avoiding the thump-thump tracks and the vocoding, but I love Tangled and the acoustic version of Last to Go for me is better than the alternative. I love his voice too much for it not to dominate.


Carly said...

I hadn't heard anything about a new single or EP before I read it here. Thanks! I hope he does some publicity for it or no one will even no its out!

Anonymous said...

Amazingly catchey song. Luv the beat. Luv the video. Luv the little blonde boy....up with the beat. Cute!
Will do well if promoted right.